FBS Warmbad Villach – Irrigation of the Garden

A new school building with a model hotel was built at the Warmbad Villach vocational school for the training of future specialists in the catering and hotel industry. This facility was planned by the 3:0 landscape architecture office. The landscaping was done by CITYGREEN Gartengestaltung GmbH, an experienced expert in the greening of buildings, roofs and green spaces of all kinds.

A grove of 270 ornamental apple trees was planted, showing beautiful blossoms and later in the year ornamental fruits. A lawn provides the greenery.

For challenging projects, Mr. DI Hubert Trixl consults the irrigation specialists from Prochaska | Toro. First of all, hydraulic calculations were used to determine the exact water requirement and on this basis the irrigation was planned, taking into account other important parameters such as soil structure and shade.

Gear tray sprinklers vom Toro irrigate trees and lawns with very high water efficiency. The Toro irrigation controler TMC 424 can also be controlled via internet and remote control.

For an optimal result and maximum water savings, the professional installation of an irrigation system is essential in addition to optimal planning.

Under such conditions, the high precision of Toro control units and modern irrigation nozzles reduces water consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional systems.*


It is important to take care of the plantings continuously – preferably by experts.

Pictures: © FBS Warmbad Villach