How to Winterize Your Mower

Vienna, November 2019. Before the first snow falls, the lawn should be mowed one last time, because if the blades are too long, they bend slightly and take damage. The ideal cutting height is four to six centimeters. Once this is done, the lawn mower should be winterized. There are a few rules to be observed for this, so that you can start the gardening season again in spring without any problems.

Clean and maintain lawn mower thoroughly

After the last mowing, grass remains, leaves and dirt should be carefully removed – this can be done either with a spatula or with a brush and water. However, the garden hose should not be used to clean the appliance, as there is a risk that sensitive parts will get wet and be damaged. Moving parts such as wheel bearings, throttle or starting handle can be lubricated with resin-free oil. The motor and drive parts should not be oiled.

  • When cleaning, always tilt the gasoline mower backwards to prevent oil from entering the air filter or exhaust and remove the spark plug cable. If the spark plug is very dirty, it should be replaced. Make sure to empty the mower’s tank – this works ideally with a fuel suction pump. The oil level must also be checked.
  • With electric mowers it is important to check the blades again and replace them if necessary. When doing so, pay attention to cracks and nicks. Also cables should be checked carefully.
  • For battery-powered lawnmowers, the battery must be removed from the lawnmower and stored in a room with at least 15°C. The battery should not be completely empty, but charged between 50-80%. The lawn mower should also be stored in a place where there are no sub-zero temperatures.

Finding the right place

When all maintenance work has been completed, the mower may be put into storage. TORO lawnmowers are equipped with a so-called Smart Stow function, which allows for a particularly space-saving storage of the equipment.

If you have any questions concerning the wintering process, our team is always at your disposal!

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