Irrigation of Urban Trees

To make the increasing heat in the city more bearable, more and more green islands are being created. City trees serve as air-conditioning units – here it is especially important that the trees grow large and old. For this, the roots need sufficient space and water.

Prochaska irrigation expert Othmar Wukitsevits knows: “Urban trees have to cope with extreme temperatures, environmental pollution and road salt in winter. Trees in the street area in particular are affected by drought because they are surrounded by asphalt and concrete and their roots have to go deep to reach water. In order to sustainably preserve the trees in urban areas, they have to be irrigated. Underground irrigation systems from TORO are ideal for this purpose”.

Irrigation by drip tubes is automatically controlled by a battery. Alternatively, there are control systems which are easy to operate via Bluetooth. These can be mounted with a manhole box, provided that they are IP68 standard, i.e. waterproof. The underground irrigation saves additional water. On the one hand because evaporation is eliminated, on the other hand because irrigation is more precise thanks to the control system. The water requirement for a tree is based on the gardeners’ experience. Especially soil sensors can be a useful tool for the right amount of watering.

The irrigation team around Othmar Wukisevits, Prochaska I TORO, will be happy to advise you. The planning of your individual irrigation system is free of charge.

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