Prochaska at the Tree Day in Lower Austria

On September 20, 2019 the Lower Austrian Tree Day took place for the 10th time. On display were new things about the tree. Prochaska was represented on site with innovative irrigation systems from TORO, TORO Siteworks equipment, professional shredders from GreenMech and battery-powered equipment from Cramer. Irrigation professional Othmar Wukitsevits, head of irrigation at Prochaska, also gave an exciting interview on the topic of tree irrigation.

“Watering with drip tube is automatically controlled by a battery. Alternatively, there are control systems that are easy to operate via Bluetooth. These can be mounted with a manhole box, provided that they meet the IP68 standard, i.e. are waterproof. Subsoil irrigation saves additional water. On the one hand because the evaporation is omitted, on the other hand because watering is even more precise due to the controller. The water requirement for a tree is based on empirical values – soil sensors in particular can be a useful tool for ensuring the right amount of water is irrigated,” says the irrigation expert.

In addition to the modern irrigation technology from TORO, the Siteworks equipment from TORO was a highlight of the fair. The TORO stump grinder STX-38 is especially suitable for extreme conditions. A completely hydraulic operation excludes the breaking or slipping of expensive belts. Also the adjustment of the tension is unnecessary. The Intelli-Sweep™ feature automatically reduces the sweeping speed of the cutting head. The professional shredders from GreenMech were also well received by the visitors.

The event came to a successful close with a get-together.