Cramer – Robotic Mower – RM2700

The Cramer RM2700 robotic mower is suitable for large garden or meadow areas of up to 2,700 m². Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it not only ensures an ideal cutting result, but is also easy to use.


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The most powerful robotic lawnmower in the Cramer range. The Cramer RM2700 robotic lawnmower has the capacity to mow areas of up to 2,700 m². At the same time, this high-tech device is very easy to work with. The guide wires make it possible to mow more complex garden structures evenly and reliably without much effort. The RM2700 can be controlled very easily via the Cramer app. You don’t even have to be near the device to do this. With the smartphone, the device can get controlled from all over the world. The robotic mower has no problems on hills or inclines of up to 35% and works reliably as usual. The frost protection ensures that the mower recognises whether the lawn can be mowed – this prevents frost damage. The razor-sharp dual blades ensure a perfect cutting result.

Product Advantages

  • GSM mobile radio module for GPS location and app connection
  • Remote control via app: theft protection, device status, settings
  • Frost and rain sensor for lawn protection
  • Removable housing for easy cleaning
  • No tyre marks due to lightweight construction
  • Status LED for manual operation
  • Eifficent and maintenance-free due to brushless motor
  • Razor-sharp dual blades

All inlusive – Starter Package

When you buy this Cramer robotic lawnmower, you get everything for installation:

  • Robotic Mower Loop Wire
  • Robotic Mower Wire Pegs
  • Robotic Mower Connector Kit
  • Robotic Mower Blades (9 pcs.)



  • Frost & rain guards
  • Remote control via App
  • Maintenance free


  • Super-easy to Clean

    Simply remove the housing and start cleaning your mower. They feature IPX5 splash protection, so you can clean them with a garden hose.
  • Frost Guard

    Cramer's robotic mowers are among the few models featuring a frost guard. They automatically detect whether the grass can be cut. This avoids frost damage.
  • Rain Guard

    If heavy rain sets in, the robotic mower automatically returns to its base station and only continues mowing when conditions improve.
  • Perfectly Balanced

    A lightweight cutting system and lightweight components ensure balanced weight distribution. This makes the mower easy to carry while saving battery power and avoiding tyre tracks on the grass.
  • Free-moving Blades

    The razor-sharp dual blades can move freely. This means they automatically retract when they hit obstacles such as small stones or roots hidden in the grass.
  • After-sales Service

    Your Cramer dealer offers much more than advice and sales: e.g. expert installation, winter storage, maintenance and inspection.

Technical specifications

Weight 13 kg




Mähtyp (Mulchen / Fangen)

Automatischer Fahrantrieb



2-6 cm


60 decibel

Maximale Steigung




Delivery Fully Assembled, Standard Delivery in a Package

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