Toro – Control Unit – Evolution

With an intuitive user interface and exclusive features, this controller is ideal for residential and light commercial applications.

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The Toro Evolution controller is a unique controller for residential and small commercial irrigation systems. The controller is modularly expandable (4 to 16 stations) and features an intuitive menu system with easy programming capabilities. The control unit can be linked to a Smart Connect plug-in receiver with accessories such as ET-based spring sensor, soil sensor, etc.

The Product Advantages

Revolutionary user interface: The user interface of the Evolution control unit was developed for easy operation by the customer. Shortcut keys provide quick access to standard functions and the advanced menu uses the experience and knowledge of an irrigation professional. All information is presented on a graphical display that is navigated in a similar way to many modern consumer electronic devices.

Easy upgrade to integrated Smart Control: An optional SmartConnect is integrated into the control element. This enables direct wireless communication with numerous additional devices, including a spring sensor, handheld remote control and a maximum of three floor sensors.

Computer programmable with USB drive: With the user-friendly software, programming is done on the computer. Programming is transferred to other control units in seconds using a standard USB drive. The USB drive also enables ECU logging; an operating log is stored for diagnostic purposes.

Technical Data

286 mm W x 197 mm H x 114 mm D

Weight: 2 kg electrical data

Power consumption:

  • 220 V alternating current
  • max. 30 watt + CE Approval

Station output power:

  • 24 V alternating current
  • 0.75 A per station (maximum)
  • 0,75 A Pump/Main valve
  • 1,0 A Total load

Overvoltage protection:

  • 6.0 KV neutral mode
  • 1.0 KV normal mode

Operating Data

  • 4 to 16 stations, modular
  • Four stations permanently integrated into the base unit
  • 4 and 12 interchangeable stations without interruption of function
  • A calculation process in standard mode
  • Up to six sequences in extended mode
  • Three sprinkling sequences with four start times per sequence
  • A fixed additional drain
  • Two additional virtual sequences for wireless control
  • Three sequence selections: 7-day calendar, interval from 1 day to 30 days with a maximum of seven exclusion days, even, odd days with a maximum of seven exclusion days
  • Station running times from 1 minute to 12 hours
  • Cycle and sprinkling per station
  • Simultaneous operation of maximum three zones
  • Monthly seasonal adjustment per expiration
  • Programmable water restrictions (no sprinkling)
  • Automatic cycle division, if seasonal adjustment >100 %, up to 90 days adjustable application sequence
  • Station delay from 1 second up to 60 minutes
  • Delayed pump start from 1 second to 60 seconds
  • Switching the main valve on or off per zone
  • Time-controlled switch-off of the water from 1 day to 14 days
  • Quick selection of manual run times (30, 60 or 90 seconds), compatible with normally closed rain sensors
  • Check feature shows the planned irrigation
  • Customizable zone and sequence names
  • Automatic short-circuit detection for circuit protection
  • Advanced diagnostics and warnings, including current power consumption
  • Two current coils per station
  • Permanent memory requires no battery and stores programming for a maximum of five years
  • Status LED quickly indicates warnings
  • Timer mechanism with 9-volt battery for easy programming
  • Smart Connect® upgrades the control unit for wireless smart or handheld remote control
  • Operators program the Evolution software on a computer and transfer the programming via a USB drive
  • The lockable outer housing is made of durable, UV-resistant plastic
  • Internal models have an internal transformer with power plug

Toro Evolution Series

  • EVO-4ID-EU: 4 station indoor control unit, 220 Volt, Europe
  • EVO-4OD-EU: 4 station outdoor control unit, 220 Volt, Europe

Optional Accessories

  • EMOD-4: 4 station expansion module
  • EMOD-12: 12 station expansion module
  • EVO-SC-EU: Smart Connect
  • PSS-KIT-EU: Precision TM Soil Sensor Probe
  • EVO-WS-EU: ET/Spring Sensor
  • EVO-HH-EU: Maintenance remote control

2 years manufacturer warranty

Toro stands behind its own products with a comprehensive guarantee. Our in-house mechanics are quickly on the spot in case of defects. We would be pleased to handle your warranty request for you.

*Guarantee conditions

Technical specifications

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