Toro – Lawn Mower – Pro Stripe 560 – 02657

The Toro ProStripe 560 has a 56 cm cutting width and features a two-piece ribbed roller design for a perfect stripe pattern.

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The Toro ProStripe 560 is designed for a precise cut and provides optimal stripe appearance on the lawn. The compact, maneuverable mower features a two-piece, ribbed roller design that leaves a well-defined stripe. So-called MatchCut technology provides precise adjustment of the cutting height, making cleaning easy. Each blade of grass is lifted, cut and then picked up. The 80-liter grass catcher reduces downtime for emptying and increases productivity. Built for demanding commercial conditions, the cast aluminum chassis and Kawasaki engine provide outstanding reliability and durability. Whether for sports or golf turf and also for private lawns – the versatile mower is suitable for many applications.

Product Advantages

  • Two-piece roller improves maneuverability and minimizes imprints in the lawn
  • Fine-tuning of cutting height with MatCut technology
  • Mower deck made of corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Professional Kawasaki engine for commercial use
  • Large 80 liter catcher bag capacity

Optional Accessories

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  • Two-piece ribbed roller design
  • MatchCut technology
  • Large grass catcher

Technical specifications

Weight 66 kg




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Mähtyp (Mulchen / Fangen)


13-65 mm

Automatischer Fahrantrieb


Zentrale Höhenverstellung



80 l