TORO Precision spray nozzles

These Toro Precision Series spray nozzles help you to reduce your water bills.

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The new Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzles represent the most comprehensive and powerful range of spray nozzles available to help irrigation professionals reduce water consumption, prevent run-off and reduce customers’ water bills.

The Features and Advantages

  • Patented H²O chip technology: Each Precision Series spray nozzle uses patented H²O-chip technology and has no moving parts; it generates high frequency oscillating currents to achieve the desired spray angle and distance with one-third less spray volume.
  • Maximum irrigation efficiency: Precision spray nozzles deliver an industry-new irrigation rate of 25 mm/hr (1 inch/hr), which better matches the soil penetration rate. This lower spray rate and high distribution uniformity makes the nozzles in this series the most efficient from 5′-15′ (1.5-4.6 m).
  • Design and change-over effectiveness: The lower flow rate of Precision Series spray nozzles optimizes design effectiveness and saves material costs by using fewer valves and fewer controller stations. In addition, existing low pressure systems can be easily retrofitted with existing high flow nozzles.
  • Proof of performance by third parties: Precision Series spray nozzles have been tested and inspected on-site and at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT).
  • High sprinkling capacity with 25 mm/h (1 inch/h) Coordinated sprinkling quantityHigh sprinkling capacity with 25 mm/h (1 inch/h): Spray nozzles of the Pecision™ series achieved higher test results than water-saving nozzles of the competition in terms of irrigation efficiency in several investigations by independent third parties. The irrigation volume of 25 mm/h (1 inch/h) guarantees that irrigation times are maintained even with narrow irrigation windows.

Technical Specifications

  • Throw distance: 1.5 to 4.6 m (5′-15′)
  • Working pressure range: 1.4 to 5.2 bar (20 to 75 psi)
  • Recommended pressure: 2.1 bar (30 psi)
  • Flow rate: 0.1 to 9.4 l/min (0.04 to 2.4 GPM)
  • Nozzle ejection angle: 1,5 m (5’): 5° I 2,4 m (8’): 10° I 3,0 m (10’): 15° I 3,7 m (12’): 20° I 4,6 m (15’): 27°
  • Corner and side stripes: 20

Additional Functions

  • Special sectors are available (60°, 120°, 150°, 210°, 240°)
  • Throw distance reduction by 25
  • Color coded for throw distance at the top of the nozzle
  • Sprinkling quantity ≤ 25 mm/h (≤ 1 inch/h)
  • Retains irrigation quantity when reducing the throwing distance up to a maximum of 25
  • Coordinated irrigation quantity in throwing distances
  • Coordinated irrigation quantity under throwing distances
  • Grid is attached to nozzle for quick insertion into spray housing
  • Works on all spray housings

Technical specifications

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