The New Toro Controllers for Irrigation Systems

Irrigation and irrigation systems are being used more and more frequently in private gardens, but also in larger landscape planning projects such as parks, apartment buildings or office blocks. This, due to the increasingly dry, very hot summer months, which require a precisely controlled irrigation system planned from the beginning, so that planting is successful. New Toro controllers make the system easier to use and ensure that programming can now be influenced from any location.

The Toro TEMPUS™ Series saves time and improves water resource management. Water-saving functions, flexible irrigation planning, WLAN access and simple application programming are available for optimal garden maintenance. TEMPUS™ Series controllers with WLAN access can be programmed from any location. No matter whether the user is on vacation, in the office or at home. The app can be easily accessed via smartphone or tablet. Water savings are achieved by means of various sensor options.

The controllers of the TEMPUS™ DC series from Toro are ideal for controlling areas without power supply. Bluetooth connectivity is built into this controller, allowing intuitive programming from a mobile device. The TEMPUS™ DC controller is available with or without an LCD display and works with the Toro App. Seasonal irrigation can be easily set up within the water budget and run times can then be adjusted from 0% to 200% in 10% increments.