In February, Prochaska’s Toro irrigation training courses took place in Vienna and delighted over 100 participants who wanted to refresh their knowledge in this area.

On a total of six dates, Prochaska invited participants to the annual Toro Irrigation Training 2020, which focused on the topic “Technology and Maintenance of Various Irrigation Components” for gardens and parks, as well as tennis courts, sports fields and golf courses. Othmar Wukitsevits, Head of Irrigation at Prochaska and Martin Zecha, Planning and Sales, were the main speakers and highlighted various aspects of irrigation technology.

“In addition to important aspects of planning, the main focus was again increasingly on the technology and maintenance of the various irrigation components. In addition, there were new presentations in the area of sensor technology, WLAN-capable controllers and the latest Toro Lynx 7.0 controller, which already offers the platform for complete digitalization,” said Othmar Wukitsevits.

The participants were delighted about the ceremonial presentation of the certificates and the culinary highlights. Prochaska is especially happy about the positive feedback of the participants and the great demand! Also next year trainings will take place at Prochaska – the dates will be announced at the end of the year.

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