Wintering of Garden Irrigation Systems

Vienna, October 2020. The cold season begins and the garden should be prepared for winter. This includes, among other tasks, the wintering of garden irrigation systems. However, there is also the possibility to install more frost-proof irrigation systems.

Frost-proof irrigation systems

The irrigation system adapts the necessary water supply with the help of a weather station. As soon as the temperature drops below zero degrees celsius, the system is automatically drained. This prevents the pipes from freezing up.

The emptying of the sprinkler system

If the sprinkler system does not have automatic frost protection mechanisms, the system must be emptied manually. The wintering or emptying of the irrigation system is necessary because the pipes are usually under pressure and therefore freezing can occur. Draining the system depressurizes it and prevents freezing of the pipes.

However, we recommend that the emptying be carried out by trained specialists.