Winterization and commissioning of sprinkler systems

Vienna, October 2019: Before it gets really cold, the garden has to be made ready for winter – this includes the winterization of sprinkler systems. However, there are a few factors to consider so that no damage occurs and the system can be put back into operation in spring without any problems.

Every time a sprinkler system is filled or water is drained from the system, there is a risk that excessive pressure will cause damage to the system. In many parts of the world, the entire irrigation system must be emptied and shut down every year to prevent frost damage. In spring, the system will be filled and started again. This also applies to new installations and systems where emptying was necessary due to a repair. Incorrect filling and winterization procedures can cause serious damage to system components and personal injury.

Basically, today’s systems contain more sprinklers with mostly smaller nozzles and more and larger pipes. This results in differences when blowing out the system for wintering, e.g. smaller nozzles allow less compressed air or more pipes mean a larger volume of water and air. It is therefore absolutely necessary to read and follow the instructions carefully or to seek professional advice.

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