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Cramer Battery Systems - Pure Power

Cramer was founded in 1835 and stands for the highest quality and innovation. The brand offers 40V and 82V battery systems for homeowners and professional users. The battery technology offers many advantages such as higher efficiency and durability, zero emissions, low noise and vibration level. Cramer is a pioneer for a world that aims to stop using cables and fossil fuels.

Quiet, zero emissions and eco-friendly

Cramer’s 40V wireless products deliver long lasting performances and are ideal for the use in medium-sized to large gardens. The products have many advantages:

  • Powerful – For large gardens and perfect results
  • Lightweight – Work longer
  • Economical – Lower life cycle costs
  • Ergonomical – Quiet without vibrations
  • Clean – No fuel emissions
  • Simple – Minimal maintenance required


Cramer's Product Range

Powerful Battery Garden Tools for Professionals

The 82V battery system is suitable for large gardens and commercial use. The devices offer significantly more performance and are in no way inferior to the convetional gasoline engine. The advantages are obvious: comfortable work due to low vibration and ergonomic handling, perfect energy management, quiet operation, high endurance due to long running times, emission-free use and absolute control through IT platform GreenFleet. The Cramer Fleet Management is constantly evolving – the platform is allowing to get connected with Cramer’s 82V products and helps managing the battery fleet.