Perfect Lawn Results
Simple Operation
No Perimeter Wires

Segway - Choose a life without limitations

The Segway brand was founded in Bedford, USA in 1999 and quickly developed into a global company specializing in intelligent short-range transportation and service robots. The revolutionary products of the Segway brand are used by more than 6 million people worldwide. Segway’s big goal is to advance “Smart Living” in today’s society, so that people have more time for the important things in life.

The revolultionary lawn robots

Segway is revolutionizing mowing from the ground up with the new Navimow series. The Navimow models are also designed to simplify the installation of the robotic mowers. Unlike most robotic lawnmowers, the Navimow no longer requires boundary wires. This is made possible in part by the smart “Exact Fusion Locating System” (EFLS). This allows the Navimow robots to mow the lawn systematically instead of randomly. This increases the efficiency of the robotic lawnmower and allows for ideal lawn results. Segway’s products are designed to help create a more comfortable world and push the limits of daily life through smart technology.

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