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Battery powered garden tools

Greenworks is a modern and fast-growing brand. The brand’s range includes innovative cordless tools for the garden. The advantages of the battery-powered garden tools are the very low maintenance effort and, above all, no exhaust gases – simply a clean and powerful, as well as quiet battery performance. Greenworks offers a high voltage range of battery devices from 24V up to 82V. The tools are very light in weight and therefore comfortable to use. One battery is enough to use all tools of one voltage category. With two batteries you can even work without taking a break and without any problems.

Rechargeable Batteries are the future

Old technologies, such as gasoline engines achieve energy efficiency of up to 15%, but modern battery-powered motors are completely different. Greenworks uses DigiPro brushless motors, which achieve an excellent energy efficiency of 90%. The user can choose between several series and creates the optimal battery garden tools assortment. The wide range of products from Greenworks includes equipment such as lawn mowers, electric tools, leaf blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, high pruners and much more.

Discover also the new Greenworks robotic mowers for areas up to 1,500 m². Getting started is robotic mowing has never been so easy! Optimow is extremely durable and equipped with the latest technology.

Greenworks outdoor power equipment