Highest Quality
Extremely quiet
Sharp knives with a long durability

Powerful shredders for professionals

Easy shredding of tree prunings and waste wood

The extensive range of the British shredder manufacturer GreenMech includes professional gadgets for every conceivable application. The machines impress with their outstanding quality and are perfectly suited for shredding work in gardening and landscaping, in road maintenance, on municipal or commercial green spaces, golf courses, sports fields or cemeteries. GreenMech is Europe’s largest shredder manufacturer. Prochaska is distributing the wood chippers and shredders since 2018. If you want to buy a chipper you can get assistance from our experienced team in advance.

Chipper with tradition and innovative technology

GreenMech’s innovative technology goes back over 50 years. Over the last 20 years, GreenMech has developed a unique product range that is now exported from the UK to 28 countries. GreenMech chippers, shredders and mulchers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are used in both municipal and industrial applications. Through dialogue with customers and traders, there are always new ideas – the goal is to make the professional shredders safer, faster and easier. The development of quieter machines up to the award-winning SafeTrak system or the revolutionary Disc blade system were huge milestones for the company.

GreenMech Products

High quality blade system

The vulnerability of conventional straight blades, highlighted by rental companies, when contaminants such as soil and nails are inadvertently introduced into the chipper, means that users often find that sharpening and even the replacement of blades become necessary all too frequently. Following the introduction of the Disc-Blade system in 1995 these issues have been greatly reduced. As a result, these innovative round blades are now the preferred choice of many contractors. Unless requested, all GreenMech hydraulic machines are fitted with Disc-Blades as standard.

The SAFE-Trak extension system

The innovative patented track-extension system extends each track independently to give up to 550mm ground clearance, enabling it to access the most difficult terrain. By extending only one track, slopes up to 35° can be traversed in complete safety, allowing the chipper to be closer to the job in hand, saving both time and money. One of the SAFE-Trak models has the option to have the rubber tracks fit neatly under the chipper body so that when fully retracted the SAFE-Trak’s minimum width is only 740mm, allowing it to fit through a standard 760mm gateway.

Why it’s good to Buy Quiet

Wood chippers are some of the loudest machines working in the urban environment and because of this, GreenMech have been at the forefront of the technological drive to produce more quiet machines. Additionally, GreenMech has been a supporter of the UK Health & Safety Executive’s Buy Quiet campaign for many years to highlight issues around noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace. Since 2006 all new developed products by GreenMech have incorporated significant noise reduction features. For example, the noise level on the latest Arborist range is 115dB which shows a significant reduction on comparative models.