The perfect Lawn with Billy Goat

After a long winter, when wet gardens begin to dry out and become matted, bare patches or soil compaction, it’s time to renovate the lawn! The best time to do this is in the spring, as green spaces recover best between May and June. The quality equipment of Billy Goat is best suited for work such as scarifying, aerifying or reseeding – for tenants, residential and commercial users! The wide renovation assortment offers the right model for every green area and helps to keep the lawn healthy. Billy Goat lawn and restoration equipment gets the job done efficiently.

Optimal Equipment for the Renovation of the Lawn

  • Be prepared: Before starting the Renovation, please do not forget to Mow the Lawn

Before starting the renovation of the lawn, it is important to prepare the lawn and mow it as deep as possible. For this purpose, a powerful lawn mower is needed, as the requirements are much higher than for conventional mowing. Ideal for this purpose are the new 82V Cramer cordless lawn mowers, which are just as powerful as gasoline mowers. The model 82LM61S has a cutting width of 61cm and lawns can mowed quickly and effortlessly.

  • The next step is Scarifying or Aerifying the Lawn

After the turf has been cut as short as possible, it’s time to dethatch. Thatch is the layer of leaves and dead grass between the soil and the grass – when it is too thick, it can prevent water, air and fertilisers to reach the roots and block sun and moisture. Also pests and diseases like thatch. Thatch can be efficiently removed with quality products from Billy Goat. The CR550HCEU Power Rake Pro Scarifier weighs just under 60kg, is great for smaller properties and removes lawn thatch with a 51cm track width. The Billy Goat model PR550H is equipped with a more powerful Honda engine, making it suitable for larger lawns. The machine can also be converted into a reseeding machine with optional accessories.

The Advantage: A power rake takes the thatch out of the lawn, but it does even more than just dethatching. The power rake uses mechanical flails to dig thatch out of your lawn, picking up 2½ – 4 times more thatch than dethatching. Power raking is more effective and used for lawns with a serious thatch problem.

If turf is trampled and walked over continuously, the lawn develops a compact surface that leads to degradation of the lawn surface. The purpose of aeration is to create better conditions for the exchange of air and water in the soil. An aerator will perforate small holes in the soil, allowing water and nutrients to reach the grass roots again. As an effect, the lawn will be healthier, stronger and more vigorous.The Billy Goat range includes several aerators such as the PL1801H. This model is particularly compact and can aerate up to 2,000 m² per hour.

  • The last step is to remove bare spots by Overseeding

When the lawn is weak, worn-out and thin, then  it is time for Overseeding. This can be done with Billy Goat’s high quality overseeders such as the OS552H model. Overseeding can help you get your beloved green and thick lawn back. Keep your grass green and growing all year long with Billy Goat’s collection of overseeders. Every Billy Goat overseeder is equipped with the exclusive Auto Drop™ feature. Auto Drop™ starts and stops seed drop automatically with bale engagement and disengagement. You can select the correct drop rate easily to fit your needs.

  • And don’t forget: Be sure to water the lawns after processing

The germination of lawn grasses requires between 1 to 3 weeks. Since the seedlings cannot yet meet their water needs through a perfect root system, it is important to supply them with sufficient water. An automatically controlled irrigation system from Toro is ideal for this purpose. Based on a hydraulic calculation and other parameters, our irrigation team will create a free plan for your garden and advise you on the next steps. Make an appointment with our irrigation experts today.

These following videos from Billy Goat provide a glimpse into the range of products available for lawn renovation:


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