Toro Series T5

The new Toro® T5 RapidSet Series Rotor helps to save costs and time.

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The new Toro® T5 RapidSet Series Rotor has the features to satisfy all your basic irrigation needs while surprising with a few extras.

Features & Benefits

  • 5″ (127 mm) Pop-Up: Easily replaces many competitive 4′ (100mm) units in the same footprint but delivers an extra inch of pop-up.
  • Standard Rubber Cover: The top of the sprinklers is covered with a heavy duty rubber cover to minimize impact unjuries and reduce liability.
  • Nozzle Tree: The T5 comes with a full noozle tree of 8 standard noozles (25°) and 4 low angle noozles (10°).
  • Optional Check Valve: Available with a hold back strengst of 7′ (2,1m) of elevation change.
  • Top Adjust Arc Set: The T5 can be set between a minimum arc set of 40° and a full circle set of 360°. Arc changes are made from the top of sprinkler while popped up or down by using a small slitted screwdriver.
  • RapidSet Arc Adjustment: Easy tool-free arc adjustment, without any risk to overtorque and damage the interior of the rotor.

More information in the Toro Brochure – T5 RapidSet Series Rotor.

Technical specifications

  • Throwing distance: 7.6 to 15.2 m (25′-50′)
  • Flow rate: 2.8 to 36.5 l/min (0.76 to 9.63 GPM)
  • Working pressure range: 25-70 PSI (1.7-4.8 bar)
  • Discharge angle: 25° standard, 10° low angle
  • Riser height to nozzle: 5″ (127 mm)
  • Inlet: 20 mm (¾”)
  • Standard equipment with nozzle no. 3.0

Model list

  • T5P-RS: 127-mm pop-up sprinkler without outlet check valve
  • T5PCK-RS: 127 mm pop-up irrigation with stop valve
  • T5PCKSS-RS: 127 mm pop-up irrigation with stop valve, stainless steel
  • T5S-RS: Freestanding
  • T5HP-RS: 305 mm High-Pop (High Riser)


Please contact our irrigation team and get informed.

  • 1 Nozzle Set (8 standard nozzles 25° and 4 nozzles with low angle 10°)
  • 1 Check Valve
  • 1 Adjustment Tool

Technical specifications

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